Happy Thanksgiving!

As I sit here with my morning latte and am snuggled up in a blanket – I am taking a little extra time to journal and practice gratitude today.

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more.” -Melody Beattie

This quote really resonates with me – especially today on Thanksgiving.

I am so very thankful for my wonderful life. I just wanted to take a moment to name what I am most grateful for right now, in this moment:

  • My husband – who supports, loves, and encourages me to be my best self
  • My family & friends – who never fail to make me laugh, bring me on adventures and are always there for me, no questions asked.
  • My health – and a body that allows me to move in ways that feel good
  • My cozy home – especially during the cold winter months I am thankful for warmth to come home to.
  • The bird feeder outside our window – the little birds, squirrels & bunnies make me so happy
  • My opportunities to learn & grow – the ability to pursue my creative drives like this blog, photography and barre.

If you have some quiet time today, I encourage you to listen to this Podcast. The podcast talks more about the quote above and has an uplifting message for today.

Gratitude is powerful. Thank you for sharing this little piece of the internet with me!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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