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with Danielle Havens

The Simply Well Podcast brings you realistic self-care strategies, teaches you how to create consistency in your routines, shares honest motherhood stories, and dives into all things fitness + wellbeing. We are on a mission to help women be the best version of themselves by sharing simple strategies + habits that work in real life. 

Are you exhausted all of the time with no energy left to take care of yourself? If you answered yes - this show is for you! 

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The podcast for women who are ready reclaim their well-being and

Creating a morning routine that allows you to thrive.

Ep. 04

3 Simple + Free Entertaining Toddler Activities

Ep. 02

Get to know Danielle: My Story + How I Got Here

Ep. 01

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How To Make the Most of Your Mornings (with Limited Time)

In this episode of the Simply Well Podcast, I’m talking about how to maximize your morning routine to create more impact with less effort. Specifically, I’m diving deep into how to make your morning routine work for you, your life, and the season you are in, because we are all busy in one way or another. 

Ep. 004

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5 Life Changing Habits for Moms + How to Start Today

episode 07

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Mindful Movement 101: 

episode 05

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What is Gentle Consistency + Why is it life-changing?

episode 06

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Introduction to Intuitive Eating & A Healthier Mindset

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At the core of my being, I am obsessed with making movement joyful, researching health + wellness studies, and I'm a huge mindset gal. I am also crazy about my two children + hubby, I wish I could get paid to travel to tropical beaches + drink lattes , I really enjoy raspberry creemees, and I run my biz while also being a stay-at-home mom!

I'm on a mission to help you find wellness that works for you. I'm a small town Vermont girl with big dreams! Think I have it all figured out? Nope! I promise to keep it real, relatable + honest, always. 

I'm Danielle.

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"I would 100% recommend Danielle as a wellness coach. She has so much knowledge and is excellent at giving you what you need."

- Jessica O.

"Each week, I feel like I'm learning so much about myself."

"I love how Danielle keeps things informative, interesting and to the point. She makes every topic simple + easy to digest without all the fluff"

- Apple Podcast Review

"NEw Favorite!"

"She is knowledgeable and shares her inspiration and recommendations in a non-judgmental way."

- Karen H.

"Love Danielle's podcast so much! so much value!"

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