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Sound too good to be true?

Trust me, that's why I created this program.

Improving your daily wellbeing is the single most important gift you can give yourself and you are so deserving of it

When you feel your best and you’ve cared for yourself first, you’ll be better able to bring your best self forward in your career, as a parent, as a partner or friend, and so much more. All other areas of your life improve when you are empowered, confident, and calm.

That's where my coaching comes in

I created this program to help women like you thrive every day.

Designed to help you discover what you truly want we will first start with your wellness vision. This forms the foundation of our time together and from here we will  identify your needs, and examining your current life to find the unique elements that will make the biggest impact in your life and then providing you with the skills to make those changes with ease. We will move through my signature 4 step process together + develop your unique self-care tool box to integrate ease-fully into your life. 

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The support you need to cultivate:

Gentle nutrition habits

Together we will learn and explore intuitive eating, gentle nutrition practices and batch cooking. 

Movement that works for you

Create a movement menu that is as unique as you are and establish a relationship with movement that is joyful.

Self Care Practices

Learn organization techniques,  journaling, time-management and using your love-language to practice self-care. 

"I would absolutely recommend Danielle as a wellness coach. She encourages me to be the best version of myself & helps me navigate any confusion or negative thoughts that I may have during our weekly touch bases. She sends me frequent messages full of optimism & inspiration. She is not judgmental & is clearly dedicated to living a life full of health and wellness without tough restrictions. Danielle is passionate about helping people thrive- that comes through in all of our conversations."

Claire P.

"I would 100% recommend Danielle as a wellness coach. She has so much knowledge and is excellent at giving you what you need. She is an intuitive coach and doesn’t force things that don’t make sense. Plus, she is just great to talk to. She’s warm, caring, and excited about supporting you. I always feel great after our weekly meeting.

Katie a.

"Without a doubt I would recommend Danielle Havens. She helps you every step of the way. She is not only a coach, she is a mentor & friend. She brings her years of nursing experience as a Certified Nurse & her love for Barre & Yoga. I have enjoyed every moment of working with her & will miss our weekly calls. What sets her apart from other coaches is that she has the biggest heart!

karen h.

"Danielle is here for you throughout the entire program. Even after our weekly calls, she would check in on me. She was there to answer any questions, be here for me in times of frustration, listen to me when I needed help & cheer me on my progress with my brand. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of her program. I have learned so much in the 3 months & will take everything she has taught me and apply to my everyday routine."

ashley m.

Journal class + tutorials

private resource library

unlimited messaging support

barre classes

Bi-weekly calls

Goal setting

What's Included:

You deserve to feel your best every single day.

Wake up every morning feeling energized, grounded and knowing exactly what to prioritize in your day. 

Learn simple mindset shifts to create big changes

Create a consistent workout practice that isn't overwhelming

Build your own unique self-care toolbox and learn how to start start taking care of your mind, body & heart.

weekly check-ins + accountability

on-demand barre & yoga classes

It's time to thrive

bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls 

direction access to me via messaging M-F

resource library + habit check-ins

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Are you ready to feel your best?

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1:1 coaching calls

Private messaging

goal mapping 

Bonus deep dive call!

Payment Plan

$800 billed monthly

1:1 coaching calls

Private messaging

goal mapping

Why learn from me?

Since becoming a Registered Nurse five years ago, I have always had an affinity to cultivating wellness and living a wholesome life. As a bedside nurse, I’ve seen firsthand what happens with profound illness (both physical and mental) prevails. My goal is to promote wellness in women. I combine my nursing knowledge with my personal experiences with an eating disorder and postpartum anxiety & depression. Over the years I have discovered yoga, mindfulness, become a certified barre & yoga instructor and have shifted careers to live my most heart-centered life. I hope to help you do the same. Over my lifelong journey, my desire to help other women create their best lives has grown exponentially. 

What is the difference between a coach & therapist?

Coaches and therapists have several key differences. I believe working with both a therapist and a coach beautifully compliment each other. Therapists are considered healthcare providers that can diagnose and treat clinical health conditions. Therapy is often focused on healing and exploring past life experiences. A coach often focuses on healing and exploring where we are in our present lives and working towards goals in the future. Coaches are not considered healthcare professionals and cannot treat clinical health conditions. Coaching will help you with accountability, motivation, clarity, guidance, habits, and accelerating a process. 


I work specifically with women who are ready to put themselves first. They are eager to learn new things and prioritize their-self care. I work with women who, up until this point, have put other relationships and their career first.  Most of the women I work work are caregivers, mothers, teachers and nurturers themselves. They spend much of their days prioritizing the needs of others and caring for those around them. 

what time are the coaching calls?

Each week you will be responsible for booking your coaching call! You will have a direct link to my calendar + choose a day and time that works best for you. If you cannot find a time that works in your schedule, we can work together to make sure it gets scheduled!

What is the investment?

Coaching begins at $500/month. I absolutely hear you and I know that my program is a big commitment. I also know that YOU are worth investing in. It took me years to master and integrate these practices into my life on my own. I know you want to make a change and create new habits in your life that are aligned & sustainable, you need to commit to yourself. Unlike other programs that focus on short-term physical results and cookie cutter plans to follow, together we will create lasting changes based on your unique life and bio-individuality so that you can continue them forever. My ultimate goal is for you to feel empowered and equipped to continue caring for yourself holistically after our time together all on your own. My hope is that after our time together you will have the tools to coach yourself. This investment upfront will save you lots of time and money in the long run in life. 

What is your approach?

I approach health and wellness coaching with the following values: simplicity, intuitiveness, holistically, bio-individuality, and scientifically based. 

I believe health is an everyday practice and one that needs to encompass the mind, body and heart. I offer compassionate coaching and am here to gently guide and support you. I do not prescribe rules, strict diets or plans and meet you where you are in your life. 

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