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The Mindful macro Accelerator

A six-month 1:1 coaching program that's all about unlocking the secrets of macros and mindful eating in a fun and approachable way! 

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say goodbye to confusion & struggle.

Meet your goals with ease and fun - forever.

No more starting over girlie! Say hello to reaching your body transformation goals the right way – without restrictions, sacrifices, or even dieting. 

I will guide you every step of the way in implementing a flexible nutrition framework that works for your body - not Jessica's next door! Together we will create confidence in your body, increase your energy so you can enjoy all things you love in life. 

Get step-by-step guidance to lose fat, gain energy and feel confident.

work with your body instead of against it. 

This one-of-a-kind coaching program offers you support on EVERY level. I am here to help you cut through the confusion as you lose weight and keep it off by working WITH your body, not against it. 

I'll guide you step-by-step through how to eat to support your unique metabolism, so you can meet your goals with ease. 

The Mindful Macro Accelerator has everything you need to succeed — not just for today, but for the long-run. 

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The support you need to cultivate:

Increased All-Day Energy

I'll teach you simple strategies on how to balance your blood sugar (with macros!). This is the secret sauce to boosting energy to tackle everything on your to-do list!

Sustainable Fat Loss

Out with food rules and in with nutrition strategy. No pushing, No battling. Just nourishing your body with real food. You’ll learn everything you need to know to optimize your metabolism for fat loss, minimize cravings and maximize satisfaction.

Food Freedom & Body Confidence

Ready to stop restricting and get real, lasting results to experience life your strongest, best body? I'll help you be free of food thoughts, feel sexy in your body and love the foods you eat.

"I would absolutely recommend Danielle as a wellness coach. She encourages me to be the best version of myself & helps me navigate any confusion or negative thoughts that I may have during our weekly touch bases. She sends me frequent messages full of optimism & inspiration. She is not judgmental & is clearly dedicated to living a life full of health and wellness without tough restrictions. Danielle is passionate about helping people thrive- that comes through in all of our conversations."

Claire P.

"I would 100% recommend Danielle as a wellness coach. She has so much knowledge and is excellent at giving you what you need. She is an intuitive coach and doesn’t force things that don’t make sense. Plus, she is just great to talk to. She’s warm, caring, and excited about supporting you. I always feel great after our weekly meeting.

Katie a.

"Without a doubt I would recommend Danielle Havens. She helps you every step of the way. She is not only a coach, she is a mentor & friend. She brings her years of nursing experience as a Certified Nurse & her love for Barre & Yoga. I have enjoyed every moment of working with her & will miss our weekly calls. What sets her apart from other coaches is that she has the biggest heart!

karen h.

"Danielle is here for you throughout the entire program. Even after our weekly calls, she would check in on me. She was there to answer any questions, be here for me in times of frustration, listen to me when I needed help & cheer me on my progress with my brand. I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be part of her program. I have learned so much in the 3 months & will take everything she has taught me and apply to my everyday routine."

ashley m.

The Mindful Macro Method Course

Worksheets + resources

Custom macro calculator

weekly progress check-ins

unlimited messaging support

1:1 Onboarding call

What's Included:

ready to stop restricting and get real, lasting results to experience life in your strongest, best body? Imagine if...

You wake up every morning feeling well-rested, energized, and ready to tackle the day. No more 3pm crashes or reaching for that second or third cup of coffee.

Getting dressed is fun again - your clothes fit effortlessly and easily and you want to show off the body you love so much.

You're body feels SO GOOD.  You feel strong, confident and don't hide behind your kids in any photos - you are proud of your body!

You're enjoying the foods you love, while simultaneously seeing the results on the scale AND in your clothes. I’m talking pounds dropped, inches lost, sizes decreased.

Weekly Check-ins + Video Feedback

The Mindful Macro Method Course

What are you waiting for?

1:1 Onboarding Kick Off Coaching Call

Unlimited Access to Me via Voxer M-F

Resource Library + Progress Tracker

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Get started today to start looking & feeling your best tomorrow!

Pay in Full

$2000 (save $100)

1:1 kickoff call

unlimited messaging

weekly checkins

mindful macro method

Payment Plan

$350 billed monthly

1:1 kickoff call

unlimted messaging

weekly checkins

mindful macro method

mindful macro method

Why learn from me?

I am a Registered Nurse with a Bachelors Degree in science, a Certified Macro Coach in training (will graduate Summer 2024) and have studied Intuitive Eating and Mindful Eating extensively. I combine my nursing knowledge with my personal experiences to give you all of the knowledge that has taken me years to learn. I love educating and putting client plans into ACTION!

I am passionate about creating a sustainable approach for my clients to reach their goals while building habits to feel the best version of themselves inside and out for a lifetime.

What is the difference between a coach & therapist?

Coaches and therapists have several key differences. I believe working with both a therapist and a coach beautifully compliment each other. Therapists are considered healthcare providers that can diagnose and treat clinical health conditions. Therapy is often focused on healing and exploring past life experiences. A coach often focuses on healing and exploring where we are in our present lives and working towards goals in the future. Coaches are not considered healthcare professionals and cannot treat clinical health conditions. Coaching will help you with accountability, motivation, clarity, guidance, habits, and accelerating a process. 


The Mindful Macro Accelerator starts as soon as you join! You’ll get immediate access to your private member portal where you’ll find resources and access to courses like the Mindful Macro Method, my self-paced gentle nutrition course for the A to Z way to lose fat and get toned with macros.

On top of that, you’ll schedule your 1:1 Kickoff Call and choose your own start date for the progress check-ins — and it could be as early as next week!


Once you hit the “Apply” button and submit your application,  I will carefully review your information to make sure that we are a great fit for one another! I will look at your #1 goal, current struggles and decide if I am the best one to support you. 

 I will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule a follow up 20-minute phone call to go over final details. You'll also get an exclusive invitation to join the program and you'll be officially "IN" when you submit your payment. That is when you'll get access to your program and can schedule all your calls and check ins!

How is this different than your other programs?

The Mindful Macro Accelerator is great for women looking for indivudal  education and tailored custom guidance and the highest level of support. It is #failproof! You get all of my attention and feedback to tailor everything to YOU - your body and your unique life!

This program is for the go-getter in you who is ready to put in some time & effort NOW to finally find ultimate food freedom and forever weight loss. 

What is your approach?

I approach health and wellness coaching with the following values: simplicity, intuitiveness, holistically, bio-individuality, and scientifically based. 

I believe health is an everyday practice and one that needs to encompass the mind, body and heart. I offer compassionate coaching and am here to gently guide and support you. I do not prescribe rules, strict diets or plans and meet you where you are in your life. 

The A's To Your Q's