Favorite Recovery Smoothie

Craving a smoothie after class?! Below is my absolute favorite smoothie to have after a barre class. It is tasty, full of protein to help with muscle recovery, and leaves me feeling satisfied. Ingredients  peanut butter spinach frozen banana protein powder almond milk maca powder vanilla berries! Optional Toppings: chia seeds coconut strawberries Everyone has… Continue reading Favorite Recovery Smoothie

New to Barre Class? What to Expect!

// What is Barre? Barre is a full-body workout technique inspired by ballet, yoga & Pilates. Barre focuses on low-impact, high intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your body. Each class is broken down into different sections; a dynamic warm up, weight work, thighs, glute work, core. The muscles in each group are worked… Continue reading New to Barre Class? What to Expect!