LOTTE BERK // A German dancer, Lotte Berk fled the Nazi’s in the 1930’s to London where she began her fitness studio. After suffering a back injury, Lotte found herself unable to continue dancing. She then combined her ballet bar exercises with rehabilitation to create a rigorous and unique set of total body routines. Lotte […]

Ever wonder what a traditional barre class was like? Curious about what will happen before taking your first class? Below you will find a basic and classic sequence taught in barre classes. This class outline stems from the Lotte Berke method. Please note that each teacher and studio has variations to their classes, so you […]

Learn about the terminology and cues you might hear in a barre class!

Sticky socks are always in my bag! They are perfect for barre classes – not only are socks more hygienic than bare feet but sticky socks help with balance, grip and keeping your toes warm! Sticky socks are more expensive than normal socks, so taking care of them to make sure they last a long […]

Craving a smoothie after class?! Below is my absolute favorite smoothie to have after a barre class. It is tasty, full of protein to help with muscle recovery, and leaves me feeling satisfied. Ingredients  peanut butter spinach frozen banana protein powder almond milk maca powder vanilla berries! Optional Toppings: chia seeds coconut strawberries Everyone has […]

I highly recommend wearing sticky stocks to barre class. They keep your toes warm & help to keep you from slipping. Here are my top 3 of my favorites! // Shashi Let me start by saying – I have small feet. Finding sticky socks that actually fit me and weren’t too baggy was key. Shashi […]

  “Play-listing” verb. creating a selection of music that flows together, inspires, nourishes & sets your soul on fire sitting on the couch in leggings, latte in hand, hair in a top-knot, while exploring Spotify for HOURS I spend a tremendous amount of time on my playlists for barre class. Music is so important to […]

What to expect during your first barre class // What is Barre? Barre is a full-body workout technique inspired by ballet, yoga & Pilates. Barre focuses on low-impact, high-intensity movements designed to strengthen and tone your body. Each class is broken down into different sections; a dynamic warm-up, weight work, thighs, glute work, core. The […]

As some of you may know, I’ve been training to become a certified  Barre instructor for several months! Curious as to what type of training I completed?! Here’s a quick recap! // Choosing the right training If you google “barre teacher training”, a plethora of options are available. It was a little overwhelming at first. […]

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m curled up on the couch watching the snow come down heavily. We are in the midst of winter storm Harper, and it feels like -19 degrees outside! Jonathan and I left for our honeymoon on January 4th, exactly five months after our wedding. We traveled to the Dominican […]