Autumn Afternoon

It snowed for the first time today! Yikes!

I am not quite ready to let go of my favorite season and wanted to capture the last glimpses of autumn before the snow turns my backyard into a winter wonderland.



If you live in or around the Burlington area and haven’t checked out Mirror Mirror – I highly suggest that you do! You will not be disappointed. The employees are so helpful, kind, and really listen to what you are looking for in both skin and make up products.

I stumbled upon Mirror Mirror while searching for someone to do my bridal make up. The girls at Mirror Mirror introduced me to a Vermont brand that I adore – Ogee! Ogee uses plant based and organic products – you can learn more about their values here. What’s not to love?!

I wore Ogee’s Tinted Sculpted Lip Oil for my wedding, and it was perfect. They also make a Sculpted Lip Oil that feels amazing and is very hydrating.



I found these two delicious treats at  Healthy Living in Burlington this weekend; Rose Lemonade and a juicy red pear.



Hope you’re enjoying the final rays of fall sunlight.




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